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How the abusers forced us to created ABBnormal Army

Abby's Message

Hi, my name is Abby. I have been with my life partner James for many, many years. Yes, he is a human and I am a cat but it is the only successful relationship he has had because when he was a child he was molested and this made him angry, sad, crazy, violent, fake, a liar, to some a monster, a criminal, a woman abuser, drug addict, alcoholic, fighter, face puncher (he even punched his own face), cutter, professional rage consultant, cop hater, courtroom #5 regular, vandalism expert, woman hater, society hater, martyr, guilt ridden dumbass, high body count plotter, revenge artist, general nut job and a host of other negative personality traits that made him into a Frankenstein monster. The sad thing is he is one of the most sensitive, outgoing, funny, loving , fair, compassionate, attractive, athletic, caring, talented, intelligent, hard working, dedicated and best of all the most loyal person I have ever known. Children are like the most beautiful butterflies. A very vulnerable victim that can be crushed by someones hands and they never fly again. Finally after years of waiting for James to be the headline in a "Suicide by Cop" story he has turned his life into something that he can be proud of. I want to read for you the Ottawa Sun news article that saved his life. And probably mine too cause I am pretty sure that old James was taking me with him. Dodged that bullet by days I am sure. Ottawa Sun Wednesday March 7th, 2012 by Marlo Cameron. James Hoeklstra was just child when he met Francine Desormeaux in 1981. Now a grown man, the memory of his relationship with Desourmeaux has left him with years of unresolved anger and difficulty maintaining relationships. But Tuesday he got some closure. Desourmeaux was given an 18-month conditional sentence, 18-months of probation and 150hours of community service after pleading guilty to One count(over 300 encounters thought) each of sexual assault and indecent assault. In 1981, Hoekstra was an 11-year -old student at the Child Study Center in Ottawa, Desourmeaux was his social worker. They became involved in an intimate relationship that lasted about 5 years. " I knew that there were certain things in society that adults would not talk about and at the time I was confused" Hoekstra said. He says he was her first victim but not her last.  "It most important to me she doesn't re-offend" he said. " I need to get rid of my guilt because I should have come forward earlier so other kids wouldn't have been molested". Hoekstra said when he was 17, after their relationship had ended, he realized that he himself was a victim of sexual assault. He said he approached her and said he would go to the police. At that point, Desourmeaux began her career at OC Transpo. For years afterward, Hoekstra said he was angry, only realizing later in life that many of his problems with relationships, women and rage stemmed from his experience with Desourmeaux. In court, he thanked her for her apology and for owning up to her actions. " She could have made it so much worse, " he said. " Because it's one thing that she did to me, but it's another thing to deny it. That's what I was thanking her for." Over the two year process, Hoekstra said that he has slowly learned to let go and that it's OK to talk about what happened." Now we have formed the organization we call ABBnormal Army. An army of people who will fight for children.

Abby and James on the hill

On the hill looking for MP's or other government related abusers because you have to be an abuser or supporter if you have the ability to change the laws and all you do about it is cash your paychecks and wait for the HUGE pensions when you retire at 40. They must be stopped and the laws must be changed. Stephen Harper's friend/drummer named Phillip Nolan a teacher, is a child molester. What did Steve do, NOTHING. If my own family/friends ever do anything like that I would do something to shame them. I am a moron with zero power and I still would do something. He was the most powerful person in Canada and did, you guessed it, NOTHING. Well you know how the saying goes. "First you get the money, then you get the Army, then you get the power. " In 2015 I received a small settlement after the most disgusting, greed based, degrading civil case where the lawyers benefit more than the victims. They managed to make me feel raped again. So now I have a little money. Next is the Army. Then we will gain the power to stop the cycle of abuse this country is suffering. I have only 2 choices as I am too old to be successful in life. Save as many children as I can or die trying. 

ABBnormal the movie

So you want to watch the movie ABBnormal. Are you smart? Do you watch a lot of shows involving police investigations? Imagine if you were the one who exposed someone who has done many, many things that the public says is against what they call "Being a functioning member of society". You could be famous and have more money that you could spend. Maybe from your book deal, movie, interviews, fame? Did your God protect me? Is Abby a God herself? People are so fascinated with people who kill. Especially if there are a lot victims. Higher the number, more the interest. Serial killers compare their tallies to other serial killers. Are you a killer if you are a soldier? If a police officer kills a bad guy is he a murderer? Are people born broken? A killer? Do you think that children being abused grow up to be abusers or are they born like that? The public believes they must put the dregs of society in prison but if you are a child murderer or molester the prisoners think they are the dregs of the prison. So much lower than the other prisoners they must house them separately or they will be killed, violently at that. Don't governments execute prisoners more humanly that the people they killed? That's ok no? If you are considered insane you are not criminally responsible for your killings. Am I insane or are you for being caught up in greed, sense of entitlement, selfishness, basically only caring about yourself and a lot of times that is at the expense of others. You say you are a good person but really take a look at yourself. What the fuck have you done that makes you so good. You have a high paying job? Expensive car? People prop themselves up with material things because they know subconsciously what they are as a person. I have spent years trying to help kids and have been slamming my head into brick walls because of greed, selfishness and a ton of other bullshit excuses. Why am I crazy for spending everything I have and am, to help kids? Everyday I see people that go to sleep next to someone who they don't trust or even hate and I am the one who is fucked up? I could have bought a Ferrari and spent my days picking up fucked up women. I bought a Caravan and am alone and everyone thinks that is insane. You ask why I would put my freedom in jeopardy? Why I would take a chance of going to prison? Hey there 2 types of men in prison. The ones who get raped and the ones who do the raping. First or second prize is not a lottery I am buying tickets for anytime soon but I have to change legislation before I can retire and relax. Lets talk lottery. How much do people have to spend if the prize is 50 million? Why does everyone need to win the lottery to be happy? Why do people go into fake worlds like gaming, movies, internet? Because there real lives are not as good, period. Maybe if you did something that makes a difference you would feel better about yourself and you could live in reality. If you were happy with nothing you are just happy getting the green light before it turns red. Imagine a life like that. I don't think I am better than most people, I know I am. If that pisses you off remember I am just some moron who should not be able to dent your wall of confidence in who you are but if your wall is fake, hey who are you really. Plus I am just some idiot so why do you care? Good luck figuring out the messages in the movie because I may be a moron who is insane but I believe your God is protecting me so really who is the one that is really crazy? You ever met God? Me either, I can only speak about what I can see and well ABBY looks like she has special powers, just like a God, to me? Watch the movie and just ask yourself one question, Can you say 100% she is not? I made this movie with my cat and 3 chimps who knew sign language. Or did your God make me make it? Good luck with that. 

Mission Statement

We will do what we have to, to be there for any child or adult that needs us. These situations are very difficult for everyone, EXCEPT US. It is what we were born to do, what we choose to do regardless of the consequences, know what we are doing is the right thing and most of all that child abusers come in all sizes, shapes, genders and are everywhere. Well, so are we. When you contact us you are under our protection and you will stop fearing them and the people who support them. Our attitude is if you are not with us you are against us. When you abuse a child they grow up to be Frankenstein monsters costing society BILLIONS of dollars and in some cases becoming molesters themselves. Most are planted with some evil inside but you must understand there is Good Evil and Bad Evil. Sometimes you need evil to fight evil. 


Abbnormal Army's Mandate is to use society's accepted means and methods to change legislation regarding the impotent laws relating to child abuse

How you can help

If you have money, use it to help a kids yourself, this way you know where it is going. Right to the kids. Help kids get away from their abuser and have them charged. If you have anger, direct it towards the molesters only. If you are scared or can't come forward, contact us. Tell everyone who will listen, who the molesters and the people who enable them are. Most molesters have helpers. Convince everyone who is or has been molested to come forward with their story and NAMES. Both the abuser and victims. Stop this bullshit of not coming forward with your info so the molesters can continue to hurt kids. Convince yourself and others that you have a responsibility to stop someone if they are an abuser. If not, you are just as responsible if they abuse someone else. Fuck society and their judgement of victims. Make sure someone is telling the truth. If someone is wrongly accused it puts us back many steps so make sure. Go to the police and if they don't do anything contact us and we will, trust us. Use your strengths and let others use theirs. Put your ego, sense of entitlement, religion, fear, and anything that will not help aside so you can just help the kids. Do what you can, when you can and the rest will come into place. ALWAYS stop abuse no matter what, when, where, how and who. James has put his life on the line so many times he can't count and like he says, " If a fucked up moron like me can do the right thing when it comes to kids, anyone can, everyone knows the difference between right and wrong when it comes to kids being abused". You know in your heart what to do so go do it and we are here when you need us. In our experience kids who have been molested tend to go on a bad path. Girls tend to lie down and open their legs and boys tend to put up their fists. We much teach girls to be ladies and the boys to be gentlemen. This will greatly increase their chances of being successful in life. Give them a light at the end of the tunnel. Education, career, marriage, home ownership are some of the ways to do that. Finally, when we get all our ducks in a line and try to change legislation using the power of our army, please support us is the plan we devise. Maybe everyone goes to Parliament Hill like the dopers on 4/20? Any suggestions on how to change legislation are welcome. Thanks.

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Saving kids is not just brave, it's the right thing to do